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Vivere Over, the best places to retire in italy

The best places to retire in Italy

Retirement, a time to savour and spend relaxing and discovering new countries. The end of the work period and the beginning of a new social life. More free time to develop your passions and lots of activities for body and soul. Now the main question is: where to live during retirement? Certainly there are a thousand options, but have you ever considered Italy?

How to retire in italy as a foreigner

Italy is often chosen as one of the best countries in Europe where expats decide to retire because of the good weather, artistic and cultural heritage, history, food and wine culture. Also known for its relaxed lifestyle, Italy boasts an excellent quality of life also in economic terms.
If you’re thinking about retiring to Italy, this article is for you and our senior residences are the best accommodations price-performance ratio.
Can everyone retire in Italy? The answer is: absolutely yes! Non-EU citizens need to apply for a retirement visa and EU citizens can freely relocate to Italy as a new home country. In fact, from 2022, the retirement age in Italy is set at 67 years for both genders.

Best places to retire in italy

Starting by saying that every regions in Italy has its immense charm for different reasons, there are some where you can relocate and find a low cost of leaving like the centre and south of the country: Basilicata, Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Marche, Molise and Umbria. Then there are the two biggest islands, Sardinia and Sicily, where you can find the best weather and relaxed atmosphere. If you don’t mind spending a little bit more, you can also opt for northern regions like Lombardia, Liguria, Trentino, Piemonte, Lazio and Valle d’Aosta, where lakes and mountains can offer you fantastic experiences in nature. Toscana, in the centre of Italy, is considered the most complete region in terms of cities and natural landscape, with good weather and special dishes.
Cities like Milan, Rome, Florence and Naples are among the places where most expats decide to relocate to, for the quality of life and opportunities, even if renting an apartment can be a little more expensive.
In general and according to statistics, Italy is known for having a lower cost of living compared to other countries all over Europe, especially if you retire to the south, where the warm weather and amazing landscape welcome you.

Discover our residences in italy

Discover with us the best housing solutions for seniors in Italy, in order to enjoy retirement for short or long periods. Cities of art, history, walks by the sea, in the mountains or in the green areas wait for you!

Over Sanremo

A new modern and elegant residence with sea view in Liguria. A structure with all comforts, spacious and bright places, to spend every moment with pleasure and relaxation, with the sound of the waves of the sea and a mild climate throughout the year. 46 apartments Over, 5 Over House Rooms with fitness areas, a swimming pool,a terrace, a restaurant and assistance 24h/24.
Price: one week from 450 € in B&B or full board.

Over Villa Lina

Immersed in nature and located in a historic town in the heart of Quinzano, next to Brescia, the residence has new spaces recently furnished with all technologies. The residential complex consists of 12 Over apartments and 10 Over House Rooms. Every day guests can participate in the many recreational and cultural activities, inside and outside the structure: from gardening to walks, where to relax and enjoy the outdoor life of the countryside.
Price: from 490 € per week in full board.

Over Fonte Laurentina

A residential complex in a chic district of Rome, modern and functional for seniors. Only 13 km from the city centre, it is easily accessible by public transport and it is close to many entertainment attractions. A large equipped terrace, a relax room and a reading room, 52 Over apartments and 12 Over House Rooms.
Price: from 472 € per week in full board.

Over Aris

A residence surrounded by nature, in the exclusive residential area AXA of Rome. Place of the city particularly rich in green areas and tranquility. Its structure is composed of 64 single rooms Over, 8 double rooms Over, a swimming pool, a barbecue area, a large garden furnished and assistance 24h/24. Thanks to the good location, many excursions are possible outside the city.
Price: from 549 € per week in full board.

Over Villa Vilma

Located in Cornaredo, next to Milan, the modern and elegant Villa Vilma residence has 22 Over apartments and 8 Over single rooms with an outdoor park. Bowls, billiard room, TV room and all the necessary to spend every moment with pleasure and relax next to the city life.
Price: from 60€ per day in an exclusive apartment or in a shared room.

Over è il primo operatore in Italia a creare soluzioni e servizi abitativi per i Senior dove i residenti possono mantenere le proprie abitudini, la propria socialità, la propria indipendenza ma con una protezione costante, discreta, mai invasiva e supportata dalle moderne tecnologie alla portata di tutti