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Elderly care in italy: the right place to spend your retirement, in Vivere Over residences


Known as “One of the oldest countries in Europe”, for the rapid aging of its population, Italy hosts a large number of elderly people with a universal health care system that covers all citizens and foreign residents. Is it the right country to spend the time of retirement? Of course! And our Senior Residences are the right place to live in, enjoying every single day.

The situation of the elderly in italy

According to the cultural values of the country, in Italy family ties are still very strong and there is a deep respect for elderly family members in each group, providing care and life needs. Italy is the country where no one is left alone and family members take care of each other, including the elderly.
The government also provides a basic social security system that includes a state pension and access to healthcare services, even if the level of support can vary depending on the region and individual circumstances.
Regarding health care for the elderly, the Italian universal health care system covers all citizens and foreign residents’ needs.

Different type of elderly care: the nursing home

Due to economic-social conditions and customs that change over years, many Italian families are no longer able to provide full-time care for their elderly. In fact, these factors contribute to the popularity of home helpers or nursing homes.
In Italy, and generally in Europe, the number of domestic workers assisting the elderly is constantly increasing and they are mostly women. They help them to do basic duties at home, cleaning and give them support for a better social life.
On the other side there are the specialised care structures, where elderly can live together and share passions and way of life, spending the third or fourth age. In Italy there are about 5.000 nursing homes where quality of care and facilities for guests are the order of the day.

Over senior residences: live life to the fullest in italy

To all elderly life lovers there is Over world: a residential complex dedicated to those who want to spend retirement in company, with joy and lots of great activities in the “Bel Paese”. An experience to feel home with your habits without restrictions and be with others at the same time.

Maintenance, utilities and wi-fi connection, 24/7 medical assistance, physiotherapy, laundry, housekeeping and Over Club membership are included in the price. Your pets also are welcome and they are treated as part of the big Over family.

Let’s discover our Senior Residences:

Over Sanremo

A new modern and elegant residence with sea view in Liguria. A structure with all comforts, spacious and bright places, to spend every moment with pleasure and relaxation, with the sound of the waves of the sea and a mild climate throughout the year. 46 apartments Over, 5 Over House Rooms with fitness areas, swimming pool, terrace, restaurant and assistance 24h/24.
Price: one week from 450 € in B&B or full board.

Over Villa Lina

Immersed in nature and located in a historic town in the heart of Quinzano, next to Brescia, the residence has new spaces recently furnished with all technologies. The residential complex consists of 12 Over apartments and 10 Over House Rooms. Every day guests can participate in the many recreational and cultural activities, inside and outside the structure: from gardening to walks, where to relax and enjoy the outdoor life of the countryside.
Price: from 490 € per week in full board.

Over Fonte Lurentina

A residential complex in a chic district of Rome, modern and functional for seniors. Only 13 km from the city centre, it is easily accessible by public transport and it is close to many entertainment attractions. A large equipped terrace, a relax room and a reading room, 52 Over apartments and 12 Over House Rooms.
Price: from 472 € per week in full board.

Over Aris

A residence surrounded by nature, in the exclusive residential area AXA of Rome. Place of the city particularly rich in green areas and tranquility. Its structure is composed of 64 single rooms Over, 8 double rooms Over, a swimming pool, a barbecue area, a large garden furnished and assistance 24h/24. Thanks to the good location, many excursions are possible outside the city.
Price: from 549 € per week in full board.

Over Villa Vilma

Located in Cornaredo, next to Milan, the modern and elegant Villa Vilma residence has 22 Over apartments and 8 Over single rooms with an outdoor park. Bowls, billiard room, TV room and all the necessary to spend every moment with pleasure and relax next to the city life.
Price: from 60€ per day in an exclusive apartment or in shared room.

Hotel Adda

Established for autonomous or partially senior citizens, Hotel Adda offers short and long stays in a protected environment with qualified staff. Located in the town of Paderno d’Adda (LC), near the river, the structure is characterised by a familiar and welcoming environment, to feel at home. It consists of 89 rooms with independent toilets.
Price: from 189 € per week in full board.

Over è il primo operatore in Italia a creare soluzioni e servizi abitativi per i Senior dove i residenti possono mantenere le proprie abitudini, la propria socialità, la propria indipendenza ma con una protezione costante, discreta, mai invasiva e supportata dalle moderne tecnologie alla portata di tutti