A whole other life

The Over Group, founded in 2020, was created as a response to the needs of over-65s, both self-sufficient and partially non-self-sufficient, to find a place to live and in which to still feel young.

Over, where freedom resides

Over is therefore the first operator in Italy to create housing solutions and services for seniors in which residents can maintain their habits, their social lives, and their independence but with constant, discreet, and never invasive protection, supported by modern technologies that are within everyone’s reach.


The Over group is revolutionising the way of life of the elderly in Italy by enhancing and elevating their present moments, through the creation of housing solutions and services for the third and fourth age.

Because Over is a whole other life.


Over intends to promote a cultural change aimed at improving the quality of life of over-65s. In fact, it seeks to build a world in which advanced age is not a limit.

Because Over is a life opportunity.

Over Club, un ampio programma di attività d’intrattenimento per approfondire i propri interessi, conoscersi e stare insieme.

Over Club, an extensive schedule of entertainment activities to develop your interests, get to know each other and spend time together.